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Sustain is an initiative that recognizes successful and innovative businesses with sustainability-oriented practices, strategy and products in the Montreal community. We seek out, recognize and improve upon enterprises that demonstrate environmental excellence or initiative in environmental sustainability. We do so by offering free environmental audits and action plants for them to implement with the aid of an intern. We therefore provide a platform where local leaders can compete, connect and share on the basis of the benefits stemming from green business strategies.

For every dollar made by a large business, a medium sized business makes 0.63 cents and a small business only makes 0.06 cents. In tandem with the high rental cost and commercial tax rate in Montreal, it is extremely hard for small and medium size businesses in Montreal to compete with their larger counterparts. With these high costs and low governmental support, many business owners are unable to prioritize environmental sustainability.
Sustain is an initiative that  focuses on providing professional environmental consulting to companies in Montreal. We do so by offering free environmental audits and designing action plans for them to implement. Community managers are sent out to find suitable small businesses to whom they pitch the program. They talk about the importance and inherent benefits of sustainable business practices. Each small business fills out a questionnaire designed by our professional auditor. Our Professional Auditor evaluates the questionnaire and creates tailored action plans. We receive the action plan and we sit down with each business to review it together. We discuss the feasibility of each recommendation, and how they will go about implementing these changes. We then apply for grants on behalf of these businesses to reduce the costs of making the changes in their action plans. 6 months later, we follow up with each business by sending out a post evaluation form to collect data and assess how effectively they’ve been able to make the suggested changes. Businesses who reach milestones set out in their action plan are granted with a bronze, silver or gold certification level which they can proudly display in their store.