Bottlepreneur Logo with Text (3).pngIn Montreal, the homeless are often seen rummaging through trash to collect cans and bottles to later cash them in for change. This money is often used to fund addictions and other needs. After seeing this first hand, and being in close contact with a local homeless shelter, we proposed an alternative: turning scavengers into Bottlepreneurs to leverage them into a better future. Enactus McGill uses social entrepreneurship to create partnerships with shelters and student residences in Montreal. The residences will provide the bottles to be cashed in, while shelters will provide the Bottlepreneurs, whom will pick up and cash in the bottles.Through this system, Project Bottlepreneurs aims to provide a sustainable income for the Bottlepreneurs by giving them a valuable job and mission, using existing resources and realities. This project will provide an environmentally sound alternative for the residences. It acts as the first hopeful step in the financial and social reintegration of the Bottlepreneurs.

Project Bottlepreneur helps those impoverished become empowered leaders in their communities by offering a curbside recycling service to households. We show our Bottlepreneurs how to market themselves as more convenient and frequent alternatives to traditional curbside recycling. We set up routes with participating households that these individuals can follow and collect recyclables. We help make the day of Bottlepreneurs much safer by removing dumpster diving from their routine and incorporating a safe, efficient route. A cart designed by our Engineering faculty, with functioning brakes and weather-ready tires, also helps us keep our Bottlepreneurs safe on the streets. We have helped them to show their value in the community while helping them in obtaining profits that are double what they had made previously

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