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ENACTUS1Enactus McGill is dedicated to improving the quality of life of people in need by promoting social entrepreneurship among passionate students, peers, and members our community. In doing so, we strive to advance the economic, social and environmental health of the Montreal community with long-lasting actions. We introduce and run projects and events that contribute to the welfare of Montrealers, and the experience of club members. Guided by academic advisors, our club empowers students to create and help sustain our current social projects:

MealCare, YouthStart, PreReq, and Opportutoring

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The World Vision Social Innovation Challenge

The World Vision Social Innovation Challenge is a student entrepreneurship competition that aims to support some of Canada’s most brilliant minds in creating market-based solutions to some of the world’s most difficult development challenges.

The Social Innovation Challenge has provided students and recent graduates with an opportunity to develop their business ideas by providing ideation support, incubation through technical advisory services, seed capital, and the expertise of World Vision Canada to market test their solutions. Over the last two years, World Vision has supported students and entrepreneurs tacking development challenges in Water, Health and Energy. We have provided 90k in support of four different teams tackling various complex issues.

The 3rd annual World Vision Social Innovation Challenge in Food Security

In September 2017, we are launching our 3rd annual challenge focusing on the second Sustainable Development Goal which is to “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”.

We believe there are key areas of investment that will generate long term sustainable change and are looking for innovative social enterprise ideas around a) Reformed land use policies and methods, b) Improved crop production, storage and efficiency, c) Increased small holder farmer access to markets, information, business support and new innovative technology and d) Improved food processing and nutritional content availability.

Partnership Opportunity

Given similarities in operations and more importantly an aligned mission of supporting entrepreneurship in Canada, the following are potential partnership opportunities between McGill and WVC.

  • Role of McGill: McGill, through its ability to connect with students across multiple disciplines could act as a convening body to bring students together around the Social Innovation Challenge. McGill will:
    1. host a hackathon
    2. identify top candidates
    3. provide space for workshops to be conducted with top candidates
    4. lead promotion and communication of events (i.e. hackathon, workshops)
    5. provide ongoing business development support where required
  • Role of World Vision: Many of the difficulties students face is a true understanding of the context with which to test ideas and what ideas are best. In order to support students World Vision will;
    1. Provide promotional materials to support communication of hackathons
    2. Run workshops to help provide the contextual understanding of the challenge, developing market landscape as well as solutions that have been tried previously
    3. Provide the seed capital of 50k
    4. Provide future business incubation support for the top candidates
    5. Provide a location to prototype ideas for the eventual winners